My Choice

My Choice is the first single from my upcoming album, Stand Together, recorded in Habana at Ojala and Egrem in Habana, Cuba and at Signature Sounds in Connecticut. Stand Together will be released spring 2022. This song was written in response to the Trump administration’s erosion of reproductive freedoms and is published in response to the abortion bans in Texas and Mississippi. I started my Choice at Atlantic United World College on tour in Wales, when the Trump administration was allowed by a federal court of appeals to restrict taxpayer dollars given to family planning facilities under Title X. I finished it at home in Nova Scotia with pro life friends, trying to find common ground. My Choice is an anthem supporting women and child bearing folks to assert our rights to reproductive freedom. Being a free person means having autonomy over our own bodies, and reproductive freedom means living in a world where children are chosen and wanted. My Choice moves from the first person, “It’s my body/My voice/My future/My choice to the collective: “Our Bodies/Our Choice.” We have to come together as recent protests in the US have demonstrated to say no to authorities who wish to control our bodies because of antiquated religion-based dogma, and stand up for justice until there is reproductive freedom for all.
“At Whole Woman’s Health, our work doesn’t stop at providing patients with compassionate, high-quality reproductive healthcare. More than ever, the right to safe, legal abortion has been under attack in our government, in the media, and in public discourse. We pride ourselves in being national leaders and innovators in abortion care and a voice for independent abortion providers. We work with the local, state, and national press to destigmatize and normalize abortion care, uplift the work of essential providers, and fight for your reproductive rights.”