‘Rise Up’ by Erika Kulnys – depths of engrossing story-telling

FolkWords Reviews

(July 10, 2016)

Sometimes an artist possesses a voice that reaches out and seduces your senses, Erika Kulnys has one of those voices. Her album, ‘Rise Up’ is overflowing with that vocal seduction – and it’s a temptation that’s all to easy to give way to. Let’s be honest here, there’s no way you can hear that voice without falling under its spell. The depths of engrossing story-telling that pervade every track on this album are so strong it’s almost possible to reach out and touch their intensity.

Erika’s vocal expression is matched by her ability to write lyrics that are equally capable of making you feel warm and fuzzy, rip at your heart, or make you take stock and think (and think hard). The lusciousness of ‘I’m On Fire’, the subtle endearment of ‘Love Me In The Morning’, the entreaty to ‘Keep Your Feet Moving’ or the personal reflection of ‘Carolina’ – each make their presence felt in no uncertain terms. Being honest once more, there’s not a track on this album that sounds like a ‘filler’ – each poetic lyric and catching melody brings home a narrative of power and presence.

For me, the stand out song among so much excellence is the charismatic dignity of the title track ‘Rise Up’ – to find out if you agree visit Erika’s website and buy the album:erikakulnys.com