Year of the Water Snake

Erika Kulnys
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The songs off Year of the Water Snake were written during a life-changing trip to Nashville where she explored her mother’s roots, wrote songs with Paul Jefferson (co-writer of Keith Urban’s “You’re Not My God”), performed at Nashville’s premier venues, attended the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance. Year of the Water Snake was recorded with support from Signature Sounds Recording Studio in Connecticut (James Taylor, Catie Curtis, Steven Santoro) and is a solo album, featuring Erika’s rich piano arrangements and styles ranging from pop in the vein of Tori Amos to a tender Cheryl Wheeler cover: Gandhi/Buddha. Erika toured Year of the Water Snake through Nova Scotia and the US playing festivals such as Michigan Women’s Festival and Rhythm of Life Festival.

Erika also played house concerts to reviews such as this one: “Just wanted to extend a congratulations! The truth, beauty, and vulnerability you demonstrated on stage was refreshing and inspiring. Thanks so much for this. Your concert was a chance to have my neighbor over–first time ever! And when I returned her food plate yesterday, her husband greeted me with ‘I heard it was an AMAZING concert!’ Two other things I heard: ‘She’ll get where she wants to go. She is SO talented!’ and ‘We almost didn’t come, our lives are so exhausting. But we left exhilarated and refreshed, with new ideas for what we can do.’ Keep pushing those songs deep and wide into your psyche and the world… real raw authenticity rings a deep bell in the listener’s heart… dig deep and sing the truths we forget in our appearance-driven lives. The world needs your voice, to help us remember who we are.”

Review of Year of the Water Snake by Canadian Beats:

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