Erika Kulnys
  1. Sacrifice -:-- / 3:52

Everything in life has a sacrifice
Some folks have kids and others play guitar
Some folks have it all and others they just fall
never understanding who they are

You were Mars and I was Venus
Galaxies between us
Stars at war, who’s keeping score?
lifetimes couldn’t teach us

Everything in life is a compromise
you can’t always get what you want sometimes
You can mine for gold, but everyone grows old
Will you be mine?

I was Jekyll and you were Hyde
always running in disguise
two halves of the same person
Babe, we’re both hurting
Open your eyes

Everything in life takes a little time
You do your best and that’s all
You learn to love, you learn to thank the stars above
and then you fall

Everything in life has a sacrifice
truth and beauty we live for
You can give all that you got inside
cause you always got more

Everything in life has sacrifice
you can have kids and play guitar
you can have it all and you can fall
understanding who you are