Love Needs No Saving

Erika Kulnys
  1. Love Needs No Saving -:-- / 7:06

I am walking on a Sunday and spring has come
but bombs are falling on a people
There’s nowhere to run
And you are sitting in the White House having so much fun
Flowers are blooming all around me
But all you see are guns

And it’s freedom again like Vietnam
Freedom again like Afghanistan
Freedom again, you have your sacrificial lamb
But your freedom kills

My mother says if you were in the front lines
you might not be so quick to go to war
My mother says if you were in the front lines
you might not be so sure of what you’re fighting for

You throw your freedom like a snowball
You say it’s God’s will, not your humble call
And you built your forts and you put up walls
And you arm your men, again and again and again and again
‘Til another country falls

But freedom is more than a strong pitching arm
Freedom is more than your icicle heart
Freedom’s not war
Freedom’s an art

So stop calling this freedom
Stop calling this God
Stop pretending to free them
When it’s oil that you want

Mr. President, please come and take a walk with me
Your eyes are broken, you’ve forgotton how to see
Let me show you freedom, it ain’t catching the enemy on TV
It’s watching spring give rebirth to this cold wintry country

And I’ll show you freedom, it’s the sun on the river
I’ll show you freedom, how the wind makes you quiver
I’ll show you freedom, close your eyes and be silent
Stop fighting for freedom, stop fighting for freedom

Stop fighting for freedom
Close your eyes and be silent