My Old Man’s Heart

Erika Kulnys
  1. My Old Man’s Heart -:-- / 2:36

He was quick to make decisions
He was quick to take a drink
He worked down in the coal mine
since the age of seventeen

And before he even knew it
forty years had come and gone
All his dreams had faded
before they got their start
and I grew up never knowin’ what was in
my old man’s heart

He played dances in the country’
Burned the candle at both ends
I knew he loved me dearly
out there with all his friends
Always playin’ second fiddle
Someday I’ll my chance
But until then I’ll just play the part
And I grew up never knowing what was in
my old man’s heart

And everybody knew him
Everybody loved him
and they all said, Boy, you must be proud!

And deep inside that coal mine
lies a voice I’ll never hear
On that darkest day I faced my biggest
They say that he saved everyone
lifting up that beam

Said don’t look back until you see the stars
And I grew up never knowing what was in
my old man’s heart

We stood there at the mine site to say our last goodbye
the toughest of the miners, with tears in his eyes
said your Daddy always spoke of you
Of the fine boy that you are
He said that I should give you this
And on my head he placed a kiss
and don’t you ever question what was in
your old man’s heart